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Some Area Restaurants Struggling to Get Back to Normal Hours
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Thirteen months after the start of the pandemic, Pennsylvania restaurants and bars finally got some promising news, being able to stay open later and welcome 75% of their capacity back.

However, as Pennsylvania restaurants get their bar service back, the staff and the patrons seem to be used to staying home.

The restaurants are just a few days in to these new restrictions.

At Calamari’s, owner Marci Honard said it's been a busy few days, finally getting their late night crowd back in and keeping the bar open until 2am.

“It’s nice to see people come out and be just a little bit more relaxed,” Honard said.

But many other local bars haven't been able to extend their hours back to 2 am yet, after waiting 13 months to do so. The problem is the customers and for some, a shortened staff.

“It’s been very tough for a bar that’s primarily alcohol and not a lot of takeout food,” Pat Doran, the owner of Reservoir 26 said.

At his restaurant, people now fill the bar top throughout the day but he said still they can only manage to keep their lights on until midnight.

“I think people are still getting used to the fact they can stay our late,” Doran said.

He said he’s thankful people can sit at the bar, but that people have gotten used to staying at home. He said hopefully soon they can stay open until 2 am like they had no problem doing before the pandemic started.

Odis 12 is having a similar issue. They are struggling to get a late night crowd, and staff.

“We are still pretty short staffed going through this whole thing,” Michael Miodus said. “We need to find workers and stuff.”

He said they have still been pretty busy throughout the day.

Turning from just bars, Pano's restaurant owner, Evan Lagace operates a diner but he's having a similar issue extending their hours, and it's not coming from a lack of customers.

“The community wants to get back out, people are getting vaccinated, people are less fearful, so people want to get back out and do things they are used to doing, like dining,” Lagace said.

He's having trouble getting staff because with unemployment benefits and being so used to staying at home, people aren't returning to the industry.

“People who were reaching out would reach out and then they wouldn’t show up for interviews and these are people who’ve been working in the industry for years,” he said.

We have talked to so many other restaurants also looking to hire, and people not wanting to work.

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