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How this new platform is optimizing hotels and restaurants service
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The health crisis has accelerated digitization across hotels and restaurants. In line with this tendency,  PINDOT was created to serve as ‘the first digital vaccine’ for the industry. It consists of a user-friendly, intuitive online interface accessible via the cloud and commission-free that offers centralized and easily accessible services in  just one click. 

The main goals for this Dubai and Switzerland based startup is to maximize revenues, optimize costs,  and streamline customer relations.  

How it works

Any hotel, restaurant, cafe or bar, can deploy PINDOT in less than 10 minutes. The algorithm developed  by PINDOT teams in Switzerland disrupts service and menu management: Offers are optimally  highlighted, and specific hours or areas can be targeted. 

PINDOT centralizes all services (room service, on-site service, delivery, click and collect, call to reception,  etc.) and makes them available to customers without having to download an application or enter any  personal data. 

Restaurant owners can implement new distribution channels such as local delivery or  click  and collect while asserting their independence from commission-based online delivery platforms.  These channels will lead to fewer queues, in compliance with health recommendations: A win-win  solution for both establishment and customers. 

Improve staff management and comply with health recommendations 

Any establishment, from a large hotel to a small restaurant, can be divided into zones. Services and  staff can be assigned to each zone, at specific times. The relationship with the customer is established in just one click. Every task can be performed digitally, in  compliance with health regulations.  

Connected menus to boost business 

Digital menus are automatically available in 27 languages, for optimum accessibility by all customers.  Managers can adjust their offers, add photos or videos, highlight a product or a special deal. On  average, these features increase sales by 30 to 40 percent.

Revolutionize ordering and payment 

PINDOT is the first player to optimize order sequencing and manage group or individual orders. Thanks  to its technology developed in Switzerland, customers know who will serve them and when: They enjoy immediate availability and unrivalled speed of service. 

Payment is also handled in a single click: Customers receive their invoice and choose their method of  payment. They can pay the whole bill or split it, add a tip, etc. They no longer have to wait for the  waiter to bring the bill. This results in optimized table rotation, increased customer flow and higher turnover. 

Additional benefits

PINDOT allows for channeled e-reputation. The manager can track reviews in real time and use them to improve their  service before a comment appears on other platforms. It also allows saving time for a sector that truly needs it. On average, the interface contributes to 30 percent faster service, and 50 percent  faster service  when the establishment is at full capacity. Time is saved when browsing the menu, when ordering, all  the way up to the payment process. 

PINDOT is available in English, French, Italian and German on: 

Pricing starts at 199 AED per month, and depends on the size of the establishment, the number of tables and rooms, as well as the number of waiters.

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